Baniyas exhibition for shopping

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Abu Dhabi/
Baniyas City
Mohamed Alaas
+ 971 50 4761800

About the exhibition

Exhibition will have different kind of products which give the visitors big chance to find them needs, the exhibition is held at an area of 4000 square meters and consists of 200 stores from different countries and that cause it’s in the important area Away from city center 15 minutes

Participating companies

The exhibition is characterized by the participation of a lot of companies from the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf states. It also features a variety of goods, consumer products, electronics, household items, different food products, herbs, clothing, perfumes, fashion, accessories, cosmetics, stationery, furnish­ings and antiques etc ….

Advertising and marketing

We have advertising plan and marketing campaign will cover all over UAE specially Abu Dhabi city, to reach the widest possible audience we cover it with radio, T.V, newspaper, social media, SMS, outdoor signs, road lamppost and discount vouchers for visitors

Hotels and accommodation

Abu Dhabi city have different kind of hotels, our company can provide hotels start from 100 AED for day 3 stars up to 5 start hotel